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HDD Low Level Format Tool 4.25 + Portable Full

HDD Low Level Format Tool - utility for low-level format the hard drive, and external devices connected via USB (eg flash cards). In addition, HDD Low Level Format Tool is able to provide information SMART works with SATA, IDE and SCSI HDD size up to 281 474 976 710 655-bit output Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Western Digital.

The program is completely destroys the data, conducts low-level format and allows you to resize the storage of up to 281 474 976 710 655 bytes. It works with external devices via USB and Firewire. There is the possibility to use Ultra-DMA mode.

Low-level formatting is usually done in the following cases

- We value you get covershenno new drive from the computer and it okazalcya unprepared for the work;
- We value poyavilcya cboy to track zero, which causes problems when loading c zhectkih Control dial, but the Control dial while loading c dickety doctupen;
- We value poyavlyayutcya Error messages when zapici information on the Control dial (another cause of this problem can be neicpravny connector or cable);
- We value you bring to the workplace STATE OF Old Control dial, for example, co perectavlenny clomavshegocya computer. This obecpecheniya the rims for reliable operation of the Control dial protectirovat need to find and mark all thumbnails cektora, nedopuctimye for zapici;
- We value okazalcya cformatirovannym Control dial c for different operating SYSTEMS;
- We value perectal Control dial to operate normally and all thumbnails vocctanovleniya methods have not yielded positive results;
- We value Your icpolzuete c Control dial controller of another type. Otherwise, the rims may occur when accessing poblemy zhectkih Control dial.

The data on the hard drive located on the sectors and sector information is stored, in front of each sector is a small area called the label so that's when the label is marked as "not overwriting" it and thus the new data in this sector can not enroll. But if the label is marked "overwrite" then the new data was successfully written to the sector erasing the old data. If we format the hard drive all the tags are written into "overwrite" but the information in the sector remains intact. When low-level formatted, all information is deleted to force the cells making all of the information recorded in the form of logical zeros.

We must bear in mind that the formatting of Physical yavlyaetcya very cilnodeyctvuyuschey operation - if it is satisfied the data on the Control dial hranivshiecya be erased completely missing, and they will vocctanovit covershenno impossible! So do not prictupayte to low-level formatting, We value you are not sure that the Save the important data out of all thumbnails zhectkih Control dial! This program cleans up the partition table, MBR, and every byte of data. The program is completely destroys any information, and then to restore the data can not be considered. After low-level formatting is necessary to partition the disk. Low-level formatting removes all and for all!

Supported interfaces: S-ATA (SATA), IDE (E-IDE), SCSI, SAS, USB, FIREWIRE.

Big drives (LBA-48) are supported.
Supported Manufacturers: Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Western Digital, and almost any other not listed here.
The program also supports low-level formatting of FLASH cards (SD, MMC, MemoryStick and CompactFlash) using a card-reader.
This HDD Low Level Format utility is free for home use. It can erase and Low-Level Format a SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI or SSD hard disk drive. Will also work with any USB and FIREWIRE external drive enclosures as well as SD, MMC, MemoryStick and CompactFlash media.

An option to quickly wipe partitions and MBR data is available.

Operating system:
Windows XP, Vista x32/x64, 7 x32/x64, Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2
Password : No
Tutorial Download Via Mediafire : klik this
Tutorial Download Via 4share : klik this

Download Here :

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  3. Via 4share - 2.7 Mb

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