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Active Boot Disk Suite v5.5.1 | software darurat ketika komputer mati total

image   Active Boot Disk Suite v5.5.1 ini adalah software bootable yang bisa digunakan untuk memperbaiki masalah komputer yang tidak dapat booting. jika anda pernah mengenal tentang software “hiren boot CD”, maka bisa dikatakan software ini memiliki fungsi yang sama dengan hiren,
Software features:

1. Backup Disk Image
A Backup Disk Image contains the exact copy of a computer hard disks, including all user's data, operating systems, and programs. A Backup Disk Image contains used disk space only and may be compressed, password protected, and split into chunks.

2. Raw Disk Image
A Raw Disk Image is an identical copy of every sector from the selected physical hard disk or logical partition including used and unused disk space. It is helpful for future data recovery or for a backup non-Windows operation systems.

Other features let you:
* Explore Disk Image and Extract Files/Folders
Display the contents of an existing disk image. Extract files and folders from a backup file.
* Verify Disk Image
Check a Disk Image integrity to ensure the data in the image can be read without errors.
* Compression
Several levels of compression are available for certain types of Disk Images.
* Password Protection
The Backup Disk Image can be protected by a password.
* Clone Disks
A sector by sector copy from one disk to another. 

Downoad active boot disk full

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